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FLAT Overview

Query Form

Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnit
COIstrList of the CO Investigator names.
creation_datedatetimeThe creation date of the object
DATE_OBSdatetimeUTC date on which the data of this file were obtained. The format used is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sss
ESO_DET_READ_CURIDintUsed readout mode id
ESO_INS_DROT_POSANGfloatInstrument position angle on sky.deg
ESO_INS_MODEstrUsed instrument mode.
ESO_INS_TEMP11_VALfloatLeft IFU temperatureC
ESO_OBS_IDintObservation block id.
ESO_OBS_NAMEstrObservation block name.
ESO_OBS_STARTdatetimeObservation block start time.
ESO_OBS_TARG_NAMEstrTarget package name.
eso_programEsoProgramThe Eso Program specifics
ESO_TPL_NEXPintTotal number of exposures within the template.
ESO_TPL_STARTdatetimeObservation template start time. The format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sss. This keyword also defines which exposures are to be grouped together.
EXPTIMEfloatThe integration time for a single observation.s
file_deletedintSwitch to indicate if file has been deleted from the data server(s)
filenamestrThe name of the associated file
globalnamestrThe name used to store and retrieve file to and from Storage
is_validintManual/external flag to disqualify bad data (SuperFlag)
LSTfloatLocal Sidereal Time at start of the exposure in seconds elapsed since sidereal midnight. The comment includes a civil representation of the value.s
MJD_OBSfloatModified Julian Day of the start of the exposure. The MJD is related to the Julian Day (JD) via the formula: MJD = JD-2400000.5 The comment includes a civil representation of the date and time. 8 decimals are required for a precision of one millisecond, 5 decimals for a precision of one second.d
nifuintThe IFU used to make the observation
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
OBJECT_NAMEstrIdentification of target observed.
OBSERVERstrInitials, family name of observer.
observing_blockObservingBlockThe Observing Block of the observation
parameterizedFLAT_parLink to the list of parameterized raw attributes
PIstrName of the Primary Investigator.
PI_COIstrName(s) of proposer(s) (as opposed to observer).
quality_flagsintAutomatic/internal quality flag
quality_valuesQC_values_FLATThe values used during Quality Control
raw_fitsRawFitsThe unsplitted raw fits data

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