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Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnit
centroidstrCentroiding method to use for objects in the field of view. "gaussian" and "moffat" use 2D fits to derive the centroid, "box" is a simple centroid in a square box. {gaussian,moffat,box}
darcheckstrCarry out a check of the theoretical DAR correction using source centroiding. If "correct" it will also apply an empirical correction. {none,check,correct}
detsigmafloatSource detection sigma level to use. If this is negative, values between its absolute and 1.0 are tested with a stepsize of 0.1, to find an optimal solution.
faccuracyfloatFactor of initial accuracy relative to mean positional accuracy of the measured positions to use for pattern matching. If this is set to zero, use the quadruples based method.
lambdamaxfloatCut off the data above this wavelength after loading the pixel table(s).
lambdaminfloatCut off the data below this wavelength after loading the pixel table(s).
lambdareffloatReference wavelength used for correction of differential atmospheric refraction. The R-band (peak wavelength ~7000 Angstrom) that is usually used for guiding, is close to the central wavelength of MUSE, so a value of 7000.0 Angstrom should be used if nothing else is known. A value less than zero switches DAR correction off.
niterintNumber of iterations of the astrometric fit.
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
radiusfloatInitial radius in pixels for pattern matching identification in the astrometric field.
recipe_versionintVersion of the recipe
rejsigmafloatRejection sigma level of the astrometric fit.
rotcenterstrCenter of rotation of the instrument, given as two comma-separated floating point values in pixels.

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